Using the Enneagram as a Tool for Empathy

I’ve never had much interest in personality tests, until I was introduced to the Enneagram of Personality by a close friend (and former TREE facilitator!) around five years ago. Since then, it’s something that I reflect on often as a way to have a deeper understanding of myself and to have a stronger understanding of […]

The Rewards of Celebrating Differences

One of the TREE workshops that I facilitated in the last session was with a Grade 1/2 split class, using the TREE Grade 2 curriculum. I really enjoyed working with the students and their teacher, since they were nice students who listened quite well and had high participation in group activities. But of course, some […]

Building Empathy

In the fourth week of TREE’s Grade 3 Conflict Resolution curriculum, the focus is on Empathy. How to build empathy for another person, and how to show empathy to another person. At the beginning of the class, the students are asked to share some of the feelings that they have experienced before. Everything from sad, […]

Community-building Activities for Spring Break

Two Kids Standing and Sitting by the Table

With spring break just around the corner, students from K-12 are eager to get some well-deserved rest. With nicer weather on the way, but pandemic restrictions still in place, many are likely looking for suggestions for keeping their children busy, but away from the screen. Check out our suggestions below for activities that draw on TREE’s […]

My Wall of Peace

This post was originally written in June 2018. I learned about Sister Norma Pimentel today.  She is a recipient of the 2018 Laetare Medal; a prestigious award she received in recognition of her efforts to advocate for migrants and refugees she has encountered in her work near the United States-Mexico border.  She was in the […]

How to Become an Empathetic Listener

Woman teaching

Empathy is one of the most important skills we can develop in ourselves and in our children. It helps us build more positive relationships because we have a better understanding of one another and an appreciation for different perspectives. Brené Brown, author and research professor University of Houston, describes empathy as, “the skill set to […]