Training for Trainers

Empower, Inspire, and Create Impact

Empower educators within your school or organization to be transformative facilitators with The Ripple Effect Education’s new Training for Trainers Program, where every skill learned becomes a ripple of positive change within your greater community.

TREE’s newest program is a Community of Practice that provides access to our facilitator training and curriculum. We designed it for schools, nonprofit organizations, individuals, or community groups globally, who wish to facilitate their own conflict resolution, peace building, and social justice education.

Interested in training leaders within your organization to deliver the TREE Curriculum?

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What's Included?

14-Hour Virtual Facilitator Training

Deep dive into the principles of Conflict Resolution, Peace Building, and Social Justice, building a foundation for effectively delivering our curriculum anywhere in the world.

TREE Curriculum Access

Access to our interactive, activity-based, and social-emotional learning based curriculum and other tools. We have over 50 hours of unique content for Kindergarten to Grade 8 children, teens, and adults.

Community of Practice Membership

In our monthly, virtual community of practice, you will be able to share your own experiences, learn from other Peace Education professionals, and gain opportunities for professional development.

We're excited to train your leaders on how to bring more peace to your organization!