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Peace Education is for All of Us

The Ripple Effect Education (TREE) programs are the initial drop in a life-long ripple effect of conflict resolution, peace building, and social justice.

Our Programs

The entire world thrives when conflict resolution, peace building, and social justice education are embedded in our communities. 

TREE strives to empower a broad range of individuals—children, youth, and adults—by offering social-emotional, activity-based programming, workshops, and education. Our goal is to equip as many people as possible with the tools they need to transform conflict, seek justice, dismantle oppressive systems, and build positive peace into their relationships. 

Here’s how we’re making it happen:

Are you passionate about peace but not sure what to do about it?

The Ripple Effect Education has partnered with the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement and Kindred Credit Union to create our Peace Innovators Scholarship and Mentoring Program. This year-long program gives high school youth the tools they need to take action and create impact. 

What our workshop participants are saying: