Are you facilitating in-person workshops?

Yes, we are facilitating outdoor in-person workshops this fall, and work with each community group to design programs that integrate physically-distanced activities and further safety measures. 

We are also offering our all of our workshop programs virtually.

To learn more, please request info about these workshop offerings.

What will classroom programs look like for Fall 2020?

Our classroom programs will include virtual lessons facilitated by the TREE team, with additional resources for teacher-led activities and for families. Classes are also offered additional subsidies this year.

To learn more request info about our Fall 2020 classroom workshops.

What happens in a TREE workshop?

In TREE classroom workshops, the goal is to equip youth with social-emotional skills to acknowledge and manage conflict in their most important relationships. Through games, simulations, discussion and individual reflection, youth learn and practice the skills they need to transform conflict positively, like active listening, mindfulness, anti-bullying, teamwork, and empathy. All programs include content from four key concepts; principles of peace, principles of conflict, relationships with others, and relationship with ourselves. Together, these concepts come together to create a holistic tool kit for healthy conflict resolution.

How do you design your curriculum?

Our peace education programs are designed in partnership with our advisory committee, which includes certified educators, facilitators, and peace practitioners.

Do you facilitate in classrooms outside of Waterloo Region?

Yes! Please contact us for more information about bringing TREE to your school.

How long is the booking process?

When you request information for a program, our team will be in touch to confirm workshop times and set up an in-take conversation. Usually this process takes about a week, depending on scheduling.
Community and Classroom programs must be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Is there a maximum of students per workshop?

We work with one class of students at a time, with a maximum of 30 students per classroom workshop.

In community programs, we facilitate workshops for groups of up to 75 people.

Is there a cost for workshops?

TREE is a charitable organization, and we work with community sponsors and local donors to keep program costs to a minimum. With their generous support, TREE is able to provide our programs for a subsidized fee, which varies depending on your school board. Schools that register more than one classroom may be eligible for additional subsidies.  Connect with us to learn which subsidies your school is eligible for.

Do you have any resources for teachers?

Yes! Teachers who host TREE Classroom programs will receive our Peaceful Classrooms Guide, and a grade-specific activity guide. Our blog shares resources and ideas for educators and families to build conflict resolution skills and positive classroom culture.

Do you have any resources for families?

Yes! Families of youth in TREE Classroom programs will receive our Family Activity Guide. Our blog shares resources and ideas for educators and families to build conflict resolution skills.

Is TREE a WRDSB approved vendor?


What’s the difference between classroom programs and community workshops?

TREE Classrooms is a program designed for students in kindergarten to eight that align with grade-specific Ontario curriculum. In Classroom programs, our facilitators will lead activities with your classroom for five consecutive weeks. Classroom programs include additional resources for your classroom.

TREE Community programs are tailored to your group of youth, from ages 6 to 24. We have worked with camps, leadership teams, churches, school retreats, and high school conferences. Choose from one of our previously run workshops, or get in touch to design a peace, justice, or conflict resolution workshop for your group.

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