Elementary School Programs

Creating ripples of knowledge for a wave of impact

Bring critical social-emotional learning and conflict resolution skills to your classroom! Our classroom workshops equip students with tools they need to build healthy relationships, problem-solve, and collaborate. Build a culture of peace in your classroom with TREE.

Registration is open for Series 1 of our Fall Classroom Workshops, beginning in September 2024!

Space is limited, so please make sure to register as soon as possible to secure your spot! We look forward to building more peaceful classrooms together!

Workshop Outlines

Our workshops are interactive, activity based, and involve social-emotional learning. Each grade has a unique curriculum, allowing students to build a diverse set of skills. 

"TREE worked with our leadership team to develop positive strategies for dealing with conflict. They gave our students practical and helpful techniques that we've continued to use throughout the year. Our leadership team has been able to navigate some difficult discussions and decisions because of the skills they built into our students."
Mark Domm

The Impact of Peace Education in Elementary Schools

We work with students of all ages to develop transformative conflict resolution, peace building, and social justice programs that produce powerful outcomes. Here’s what you can expect:

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We're excited to bring more peace to your classroom!