Reframing: How to Shift Your Perspective in Conflict

Women sitting on couch talking

When we hear a hurtful comment in a conversation, it is challenging not to respond from our feelings. Our emotions can be helpful to us but they can also derail us. During one particular conversation with a friend, I had intended to comfort them but my impact turned out to be harmful. Tension began to […]

Embodied Care in the Classroom

Black young boy in green shirt drawing at a table with other children

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was a Masters student trapped inside my bedroom apartment separated by family and friends, while also living as an artist facing cancelled job contracts. As a response, I and a group of artists in Hamilton and Toronto formed a small art collective in an attempt to band together […]

How to Manage Miscommunication: Intent/Action/Effect

“I’m sure he knew what I meant.”  “She knows I was kidding!”  Sometimes, even when we have the best intentions, our words and actions hurt people. Maybe someone says something and it feels like a backhanded compliment. Or you respond with a sarcastic comment that leaves a sting. You can fill in the blank with […]

Celebrating Pride: Book List for Children and Youth

Acrylic abstract painting of rainbow colours across the canvas from top to bottom: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink.

June is Pride Month! While we at TREE affirm and celebrate the 2SLGBTQIA+ community all year round, this is a special opportunity for us to celebrate and affirm the importance of recognizing queer identities. We are committed to supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ youth in our community! This non-exhaustive book list has been curated to highlight stories that […]

Six Conflict Conversation Starters

Ethnic mother talking to daughter with gardening tools

I can count the number of times I’ve sat in silence with someone, building up the courage to begin a tough conversation. It takes me a few minutes to commit to the conversation, knowing I want to share how I’m feeling and ask them what’s going on for them. In tough conversations, it often takes […]

Four Steps to Interrupting Conflict Patterns with Youth

Black youth and adult in a conflict situation

Can you recall an experience when you gave your child a request, like starting chores or meeting curfew, and you were met with the same predictable reaction? It may have been a groan, an elaborate resistance speech, or withdrawal from the conversation. I can remember certain reactions I gave as an adolescent that didn’t always […]

A Powerful Tool to Stay Grounded in Conflict

Zoom call on laptop screen placed beside a teal mug on a wooden desk.

Early on in my role as a TREE facilitator, I was feeling preoccupied trying to juggle our lesson while keeping my attention on our time limit. I was inattentive to a student’s (let’s call him Phil) contribution to our discussion, which they had voiced in the chat window. I was engaged in mindlessness. Mindlessness is living […]

How to Have a Courageous Conversation

On January 6 of this year, many were shaken by the violent attack on the Capitol in the United States attempting to halt the vote count from the recent presidential election. Global news and social media channels across the world depicted rioters storming the building; many of whom were touting symbols of White supremacy. Black […]