Using the Enneagram as a Tool for Empathy

I’ve never had much interest in personality tests, until I was introduced to the Enneagram of Personality by a close friend (and former TREE facilitator!) around five years ago. Since then, it’s something that I reflect on often as a way to have a deeper understanding of myself and to have a stronger understanding of […]

Making Self-care Routine This Year

School is starting!

A new school year is just around the corner, which has us talking a lot about new routines and new schedules. These new patterns can make us feel anxious or overwhelmed, which can feed into interpersonal conflict. One thing we’re making time for this year as a preventative measure is self-care. In the book, Heart […]

This Sentence Will Help You Start Tough Conversations

My first year as a facilitator with The Ripple Effect Education has been a wonderful experience. This year I have not only learned from the lessons and students I have taught, but I have been able to better understand what peace and conflict actually means and how I can apply it in my own life.  […]