Beyond Bake Sales: Youth activism is more than raising money

Two young people sit facing a woman who is standing in front of a whiteboard with a marker in hand.

I was leading a group of high school students in a community design simulation. Each student played a different role to represent different groups within a larger community. We had parents, youth, program specialists, local politicians, academics, and donors all advocating for their different needs and interests, which presented a problem requiring a complex solution. […]

Reframing: How to Shift Your Perspective in Conflict

Fuzzy dog looks out window

Anyone who has raised or worked with children likely has some key phrases or workarounds in their repertoire to make undesirable things more appealing. Instead of, “Can you finish your vegetables?” you may have learned to say “Would you like to eat your carrots or potatoes first?” Rather than, “Time for you to turn off […]