We work with youth of all ages to offer age appropriate training to build social-emotional learning skills for healthy relationships and active citizenship. Check out our program offerings or get in touch to learn which programs would be the best fit for your group.

Peace Innovators Scholarship and Mentoring Program

Are you passionate about peace but not sure what to do about it? This year-long program gives high school youth the tools they need to take action and create impact. Offered in partnership with Kindred Credit Union and the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement. Learn more on the Centre for Peace Advancement website.

Training Active Bystanders


Training Active Bystanders (TAB) Training

Active Bystander Training empowers people to respond to harm in their community, and is suitable for grade four and older. 
Learn more about TAB for Schools (grades 4-12)
Learn more about TAB for Community Groups

To bring TAB Training to your classroom, school, or community, connect with us

TREE is a member of the TAB Canada Hub with Mennonite Central Committee Ontario, Community Justice Initiatives, Carizon, Coalition of Muslim Women KW, and Unity Kitchener. TAB Training is delivered in partnership with Quabbin Mediation.

hidden acres

The Ripple Effect Retreat Programs

TREE is partnering with Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp to offer programming to equip youth with practical and experiential skills in building healthy relationships and communities to enhance students’ engagement with Hidden Acres’ focus on self-discovery/awareness and safe risk-taking in outdoor education. 

Learn more on the Hidden Acres website.